Google Maps: Group spark controversy when spotted getting close in public pool

GOOGLE MAPS Street View is a popular online tool for exploring far-flung destinations from the comfort of users' own homes. However, it also has the ability to uncover some more private situations too, such as one occurrence in The Netherlands.

PUBLISHED: 18:52, Tue, Sep 1, 2020 | UPDATED: 18:52, Tue, Sep 1, 2020

Users are increasingly using Google Maps Street View to spot and subsequently share unexpected scenarios being played out around the globe. Such was the case with an incident in Leiden, a city in the south of Holland.

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The municipality, famed for its student population, is no stranger to animated antics from its students, particularly in the summer months.

However, one sight snapped by Google Maps’ cameras has caused some controversy in 2020 that onlookers may not have been so concerned over in the past.

The moment was sighted by Reddit user, who shared it to the forum.

In the scene, a group of anonymous people can be seen together, scantily clad in a blow-up paddling pool.

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Google Maps Street View swimming poolGoogle Maps Street View: Revellers caused controversy in a public paddling pool (Image: Google Maps)

Google Maps Street ViewGoogle Maps Street View: The group appear to be enjoying a summer's day (Image: Google Maps)

Given the markings on the ground, it appears the pool has been set up in a car park near to one of the city’s famous canals.

According to one Reddit user, the car park is actually situated outside of a university fraternity.

The revellers can be seem sat together in a group enjoying some beers in the sunshine.

Though this behaviour is likely not uncommon amongst students in the warmer months, Reddit users seem to have grown

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