#GMB's Ben Shephard issues warning to guest after furious rant: 'Careful!'

Ben, 45, and Susanna Reid, 49, were joined by Al, 52, on Good Morning Britain to talk about his career as a comedian, which has been a key talking point for Davie in his new role. The new BBC Director-General has already made some controversial moves, having reversed the decision to have Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory sung at the Last Night of the Proms. Davie has also stated he wants fewer left-wing comedians to perform on the broadcaster’s flagship channel, which led the pub landlord to slam the Government as he gave his opinion on the matter.

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Susanna asked the guest: “Actually the pub landlord is quite right-wing, so does that mean more opportunities but there is a subversive left-wing message that comes through here.”

Al replied: “The pub landlord for left-wing people tends to be too right-wing and for right-wing people seems to be too left-wing.

“So, I’ve made this appalling rod for my own back by being ambivalent or ambiguous in what I do,” he continued before the host jumped back in.

“In that case, you’re going to get more opportunities on the BBC - you should be on the phone now to Tim Davie.”

The pub landlord added: “The thing is, if people want more right-wing comedians, they need to vote for a left-wing government.”

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Good Morning Britain's Ben Shephard issues warning to guestGood Morning Britain's Ben Shephard issues warning to guest over furious rant 'Be careful' (Image: ITV)

Tim DavieTim Davie has been appointed as the new BBC Director General (Image: GETTY)

Piers Morgan furious in heated Rule Britannia debate with GMB guest

“Comedy engages whether you agree with it or not. The job of a comedian, to an extent, is to cause mischief, to say the supposedly unsayable and that’s actually where the debate revolves around these days because different people are in charge of different arguments,” Al continued.

Taking aim at the Government, he said: “And also to flick V’s at the government. I mean, honestly. We’re supposed to be gargoyles.

“We’re meant to be warding off evil spirits or caging mischief or causing trouble,” the comedian declared.

“If people want more right-wing comedians, they need to vote for a left-wing government and the truth is when [Tony] Blair was in power and [Gordon] Brown, they copped

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