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CLAUDIA WINKLEMAN'S friend and fellow TV presenter Gabby Logan has spoken out about sharing a bed with her, as the star admitted a surprising part of the Strictly Come Dancing host's bedtime ritual "kept her awake" in shock.

PUBLISHED: 18:04, Thu, Sep 3, 2020 | UPDATED: 18:04, Thu, Sep 3, 2020

Gabby Logan, 47, and Claudia Winkleman, 48, have revealed they found out quite a lot about each other when they shared a bed for the first time last year while staying at a mutual friend’s house after celebrating their birthday. The pals opened up about surprising discoveries they made about one another’s bedtime rituals while staying overnight in the same room.


Gabby explained that one particular element of the Strictly Come Dancing host’s regimen left her in shock at the time and left her unable to sleep for a while.

The duo got onto the subject when they discussed former The Great British Bake Off presenter Mary Berry’s reported decision to leave her eye make-up on overnight “because she prefers it the next day”.

Claudia then chimed: “I’ve never taken my make-up off!”

Gabby responded by quipping: “Not since ’86, I can vouch for that because we shared a bed last year.”

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Claudia WinklemanClaudia Winkleman in admission about sharing bed with Gabby Logan (Image: WENN•GETTY)

Gabby LoganGabby Logan was surprised Claudia Winkleman left her eye make-up on overnight (Image: GETTY)

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Claudia added: “We stayed in a bed and you had a hairband on, can I tell the group?

“Me and Gabby, we have a brilliant mutual friend who had a birthday and off we went and we shared a bedroom which was adorable because also we’re of the same ilk, we want to have fun and then suddenly my shutter comes down, the kiosk is closed, it’s 11.15, I’m going night night.

“We went upstairs, I brushed my teeth, put on my pyjamas, I got into bed.”

Claudia went on to reveal she was stunned by Gabby’s elaborate skincare routine before bed.


Claudia WinklemanClaudia Winkleman is known for her dark eye make-up (Image: GETTY)

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