Extinction Rebellion chief hits out at ‘parasitic hard-left’ ahead of ...

A LEADING Extinction Rebellion organiser has hit out at "parasitical" far-left factions which he admitted were trying to infiltrate the group.

PUBLISHED: 00:32, Sat, Sep 5, 2020 | UPDATED: 00:33, Sat, Sep 5, 2020

It comes ahead of ten days of ten days of demonstrations organised by the movement focused on London, Cardiff and Manchester. There was controversy within the environmentalist group after a number of Young Communist League (YCL) supporters turned up at a protest this week with a banner reading “Socialism not extinction”.

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The banner also featured a hammer and sickle, the symbol of communism.

In response some conservatives argued Extinction Rebellion was being used as a trojan horse for far-left politics.

Supporters of the Socialist Workers Party, a small radical left Trotskyist group, have reportedly also been attending Extinction Rebellion events.

According to The Times emails were sent from the group to its members last year urging them to back Extinction Rebellion protests.

Extinction RebellionHard-left groups have been turning up at Extinction Rebellion protests (Image: GETTY)

Extinction RebellionExtinction Rebellion are planning 10 days of protests in London, Cardiff and Manchester (Image: GETTY)

The YCL banner triggered controversy within the Extinction Rebellion movement.

‘Challenge’, the environmental movement’s magazine, published an article stating: “The presence of YCL members at the demonstration was…not to support XR [Extinction Rebellion] organisationally but to propagandise for socialism”.

However some younger and more left-wing Extinction Rebellion factions are said to be angry about this response.

Speaking to The Times Rupert Read, an Extinction Rebellion spokesman, said: “Any parasitical organisation that is trying to use XR is worrying, and I’m sure there are groups trying to infiltrate us. But we are much bigger than that and I don’t think it is working.

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