Major error from #NCIS season 4 crime scene uncovered after Tony DiNozzo mistake

One eagle-eyed NCIS viewer has spotted a huge blunder with a murder investigation and shared the plot hole on a forum dedicated to the CBS show. While re-watching season four, episode four, the fan noticed a key piece of evidence changed from one scene to another. 

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The episode titled ‘Faking It’ involved the team looking into the death of a naval officer. 

A routine traffic stop took a deadly turn when the body of the officer fell out of a vehicle.

Two police officers initially pulled over a driver for speeding.

The driver apologised and insisted his pregnant wife had called him while he was behind the wheel.

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NCIS plot holeNCIS plot hole: An eagle-eyed fan spotted the blunder (Image: CBS)

NCIS plot holeNCIS plot hole: The phones changed from one scene to the next (Image: CBS)

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The officers noticed the man had a pistol and demanded he made his way out of the vehicle slowly.

Lou Giotti (played by Nolan North) examined the gun and revealed it had just been fired.

Suddenly, a car crashed into the police car and the driver is later discovered to be dead. 

The driver appeared to have a gunshot wound and was bleeding heavily from his wound.

NCIS plot holeNCIS plot hole: Tony DiNozzo did not spot the mistake (Image: CBS)

NCIS plot holeNCIS plot hole: Timothy McGee analysed the evidence at the crime scene (Image: CBS)

In a sinister twist, “NCIS” was written in blood on the seat beside him. 

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