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The BBC's simultaneously lofty and evasive statement about deigning to allow the words of Rule Britannia to be sung aloud after all during the Last Night of the Proms probably took the biscuit for sheer superciliousness. Did you see the bit about we viewers being allowed to sing along at home? I'm not sure I'll be able to now: my jaw's still on the carpet. Explaining the U-turn, some BBC apparatchik actually opined the following.

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"This means the words [of Rule Britannia] will now be sung in the hall, and as we have always made clear, audiences will be free to sing along at home."

I wasn't aware until now that it was in the BBC's gift to extend permission to viewers to sing in their own homes, or, for that matter, anywhere else. It implies, of course, that they have the power to withhold such permission too.

Perhaps, if they'd stuck to their absurd position on Rule Britannia, we might have seen a statement along the lines of: "The BBC wishes to make it clear that viewers to the instrumental version of Rule Britannia are expressly forbidden to sing along at home."

But this was a mercifully brief moment of arrogance (and lunacy) in one of our national institutions, and credit should go to incoming BBC director-general Tim Davie for sorting out the nonsense on only his second day in the job.

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