Donald HUMILIATED as supporters’ boats sink in Texas ‘ support ...

A NUMBER of boats taking part in a ‘ support parade' on Lake Travis in Texas have sank in an embarrassment for the President's campaign.

PUBLISHED: 02:29, Sun, Sep 6, 2020 | UPDATED: 02:29, Sun, Sep 6, 2020

Donald supporters held a number of rallies on lakes and oceans on Saturday with many hundreds of boats taking part. As coronavirus restrictions have made indoor meetings difficult supporters have held a number of boat based events in recent weeks.

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However disaster struck the Lake Travis event with several boats sinking during the rally.

The news was confirmed by Travis County Sheriffs Office (TCSO).

On Twitter they commented: “TCSO responded to multiple calls involving boats in distress during the parade on Lake Travis. Several boats did sink.”

Speaking to CNN Kristen Dark, the TCSO’s senior public information officer, said the force was responding to “many emergency calls for boats in distress”.

TrumpA number of supporters boats sank on Lake Travis (Image: GETTY/@rahulrajnews)

TrumpA supporters parade in New Jersey

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