Countryfile host Tom Heap speaks out on wife's 'reluctance' over BBC show move ...

TOM HEAP - presenter and host on Countryfile - has opened up about his wife's behind-the-scenes "reluctance" to make a cameo on the BBC favourite.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 17:01, Sun, Sep 6, 2020

Tom Heap, 54, is a firm fixture on Countryfile alongside Matt Baker, Ellie Harrison, Adam Henson and Anita Rani among other famous faces. The presenter regularly fronts the BBC programme and he also is a Rural Affairs Correspondent for the BBC.


The investigative journalist has now spoken candidly about life in lockdown as the small-screen star filmed scenes of Countryfile at home.

During the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Tom explained he would cover his BBC segments from his back garden.

But the star admitted his wife Tammany Robin Stone expressed her "reluctance" after she made a "fleeting" appearance on the programme.

Speaking about his other half's show debut, Tom dished: "She did [Countryfile] once, somewhat reluctantly she's telling me over her shoulder.

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Countryfile's Tom Heap talks wife's 'reluctance' over BBC show moveCountryfile's Tom Heap talks wife's 'reluctance' over BBC show move (Image: BBC)

Countryfile presenter Tom Heap hosted the BBC show from his back gardenCountryfile presenter Tom Heap hosted the BBC show from his back garden (Image: BBC)

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"We did a story about fishing focusing on the impact of fishing supplies and the restaurants being shut down.

"This was illustrated by a little BBQ in the back garden where my wife and number three son made an appearance. A fleeting appearance I must say."

Tom spoke of how the family cat Plum was also a regular fixture on Countryfile during the nationwide lockdown.

"The cat has made more of an appearance," the presenter chuckled.

Countryfile host Tom Heap gave a rare insight into his family lifeCountryfile host Tom Heap gave a rare insight into his family

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