#Outlander Marsali star speaks out on move away from Starz series ‘It’s ...

Marsali has been part of the Outlander family since season three when she snuck on board a ship heading for the Caribbean with Fergus Fraser (César Domboy), Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan). She went on to marry Fergus and the pair have several children together with Marsali expecting another child as season six nears. But now, actress Lauren has spoken about the other projects she is working on away from Outlander.

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Lauren recently joined co-stars Tim Downie and David Berry on their podcast Outcasts to discuss her career and time on Outlander.

Tim asked: “What’s next for Lauren? Your podcast She’s A Wreck, is just coming to an end or has just ended?”

“It’s just ended,” Lauren replied. “So I say that, I don’t know what I can totally say.

“I can two things probably. Right before lockdown I was filming a BBC series, which I can’t say anything about what it is or who I am in it because I haven’t been announced yet.

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Lauren Lyle Marsali FraserOutlander season 6: Marsali star speaks out on move away from Starz series ‘It’s different’ (Image: STARZ • GETTY)

Claire Fraser and Marsali FraserOutlander season 6: Claire Fraser has been training Marsali as he apprentice (Image: STARZ)

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“But I am allowed to say I’m doing a BBC series I think and it’s totally, totally different to Outlander. It’s been amazing.”

“I’ve requested the smallest role possible and they’ve tried their best to negotiate that for me,” Lauren joked.

“It’s actually pretty good. She is badass again but different. Very modern.

“So we had to put that on hold as everyone else did with filming anything.

Claire Fraser and Marsali FraserOutlander season 6: Marsali now views Claire as a second mother (Image: STARZ)

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