Caitriona Balfe exposes major problem with Claire and Jamie Fraser #Outlander

Claire (played by Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie Fraser’s (Sam Heughan) relationship has thrilled fans of both the Outlander novels and TV series. Their passionate love for one another has endured the Battle of Culloden, a 20-year-separation, and illegitimate children. But while they may appear to be the perfect couple, actress Caitriona has highlighted the major issues with the pair.

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Speaking to co-stars David Berry and Tim Downie on their podcast Outcasts, Caitriona joked about how Claire and Jamie aren’t always as good together as it may seem.

David asked: “Do you think Claire and Jamie set unrealistic expectations about what we should expect out of marriage and what do you think our obsession with Claire and Jamie tells us about our own ideas of love in this modern age?”

“That’s a lot to unpack David Berry,” Caitriona replied.

“You know, of course it is an aspirational love story but I do think they’re both very flawed and the relationship is very flawed.

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Claire Jamie Fraser Outlander Caitriona BalfeOutlander season 6: Caitriona Balfe exposes major problem with Claire and Jamie Fraser (Image: STARZ • GETTY)

Claire and Jamie fraserOutlander season 6: Claire and Jamie's romance has spanned decades (Image: STARZ)

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“I think that’s what keeps it relatable and takes it out of the Disney sort of feel of things.

“There’s a reason so many people have loved this book series for 20+ years and now love the TV show.

“In the sort grand dressing of fantasy, it’s time travel and there’s tis metaphysical love, ver often their relationship does feel very normal.

“They get frustrated with each other and make mistakes. The scene that we just read, you have two people who are coming from very different points of view, and are stubborn and very stuck in their points of view but they’r bale to break down that kind of barrier of stubbornness.

Claire and Jamie fraserOutlander season 6: Caitriona noted Claire and Jamie are very dependent on each other (Image: STARZ)

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