Dan Walker's 'rare' gift to #BBCBreakfast guest revealed: 'I didn't steal it!'

Naga Munchetty spoke to GP Dr Nighat Arif on BBC Breakfast this morning to get her insight into the latest coronavirus developments. However, the BBC presenter was stunned when the doctor, who has appeared several times on the show, revealed a surprising gift co-host Dan Walker had sent to her.

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Naga began: “Let’s get a medical view on the latest development on the coronavirus story from one of our regular GPS Dr Nighat Arif.”

The GP appeared on screen and waved at the BBC Breakfast host.

“Hello good morning,” Naga remarked. “Lovely of you to wave.”

Nighat lifted up a BBC Breakfast mug leaving Naga puzzled as to where she had got it from.

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Dan WalkerDan Walker was revealed to have given a Breakfast guest a "rare" item (Image: BBC)

Dan WalkerDan Walker gifted Dr Nighat a BBC Breakfast mug (Image: BBC)

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“Oh look!” Naga exclaimed. “Where did you get the mug from? Did you steal it?”

“No I didn’t steal it. I got Dan to post it out to me,” Nighat replied. “I’m officially part of the family now.”

“They’re very rare,” Naga remarked. “Good morning to you.”

“I’m showing it off,” the GP commented before answering Naga’s questions on the latest Covid developments. 

Dan WalkerDr Nighat Arif has appeared on BBC Breakfast on numerous occasions (Image: BBC)

Dan WalkerNaga Munchetty was surprised to see a BBC Breakfast mug (Image: BBC)

Nighat said: “If you want somebody that says, ‘Everything is going to be fine,’ that’s not real life. 

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