A Blue Moon this Halloween is a 'prophetic' omen from God, a preacher has ...

POPULAR TV evangelist and Bible expert Paul Begley has warned an "eerie" Blue Moon on the night of Halloween this year is a prophetic sign of the end of the world.

PUBLISHED: 13:35, Thu, Sep 10, 2020 | UPDATED: 13:35, Thu, Sep 10, 2020

The ominous Blue Moon will make an appearance on the night of October 31, just three days before the US Presidential election is held. Pastor Paul Begley, a frequent purveyor of doomsday prophecies and conspiracy theories, believes this to be a Biblical sign from the heavens that will precede the eventual Second Coming of Jesus Christ. In a recent broadcast watched by more than 12,000 people, the Indiana-based preacher urged his followers to prepare.


He said: "Let me just tell you a little bit more about this Blue Moon on Halloween.

"It is rare. We won't have another one of these till 2039 - another Blue Moon on Halloween.

"They are extremely rare anyway, and then when they hit on a Halloween, that's just eerie.

"Especially the Halloween just before the most important election in American history."

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End of the world: Blue Moon and the Holy BibleEnd of the world: A Bible expert believes an upcoming Blue Moon is a prophetic sign (Image: GETTY)

End of the world: Pastor Paul BegleyEnd of the world: Pastor Paul Begley is a frequent purveyor of conspiracy theories (Image: PAUL BEGLEY)

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Pastor Begley is the host of the weekly TV series The Coming Apocalypse, where he links Bible scripture to modern-day events.

In particular, he expects prophecies regarding the rise of the Antichrist and the construction of Jerusalem's Third Temple to come to fruition.

And on an almost daily basis, he posts videos to his YouTube channel where has amassed more than 338,000 subscribers.

In his most recent broadcast, he linked the Blue Moon to the US election, to Israel's peace deal with the United Arab Emirates and the ongoing California fires.

The preacher said: "The Sun has darkened. Somebody in the chatroom has just said it's 9.30 in the morning in California and the skies are dark and red.

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