Who are Katharina Nielsen's parents in Dark? Fans suggest incest theory

DARK season 3 had many twists and turns as fans learnt more about the Winden family tree. There were many links between different generations and incest created by time travel - but who were Katharina Nielsen's parents in the series?

PUBLISHED: 16:15, Thu, Sep 10, 2020 | UPDATED: 16:21, Thu, Sep 10, 2020

series Dark has now finished after season three dropped back in June. The show has been described as “mind-bending” and certainly challenges its audience. One big plot point which fans of the German sci-fi series are intrigued by is the elaborate and interconnected family tree in Winden.

Who are Katharina Nielsen's parents?

WARING: This article contains spoilers from Dark season 3

Season three saw the Winden family tree completed as the missing pieces were filled in.

Among the branches to be explained were Regina Tiedemann (played by Deborah Kaufmann) and the Noah’s (Mark Waschke) parents.

Also, viewers finally met Jonas Kahnwald (Louis Hofmann) and Martha Nielsen’s (Lisa Vicari) child, who was referred to simply as the Unknown (Jakob Diehl).

In amid all these revelations and links within the family tree created by time travel, viewers also discovered more about Katharina Nielsen’s (Jördis Triebel) background.

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Dark season 3: Katharina Nielsen may have been a product of incestDark season 3: Katharina Nielsen may have been a product of incest (Image: )

Dark season 3: Katharina Nielsen was raised by her motherDark season 3: Katharina Nielsen was raised by her mother (Image: )

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Viewers learnt Katharina’s mother was Helene Albers (Katharina Spiering), a nurse who worked at the Winden asylum.

She was also the woman who would end up killing her grown-up daughter during a brutal fight between the two women.

In season three, Helene was revealed to be a single mother and an alcoholic with Katharina (Nele Trebs) having a tough childhood.

Helene became an alcoholic to cope with the shock of killing adult Katharina and trying to cover up the crime.

Dark season 3: Jordis Triebel and Maja SchoneDark season 3: Jordis Triebel and Maja Schone (Image: )

While it was never explicitly said, viewers never met Katharina’s husband but there almost seemed to be the suggestion she was the product of incest.

The only other person with the surname Albers was farmer Hermann (Thomas Arnold), whose sheep died in season one in 2019.

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