Marsali and Claire Fraser surgery moment cut from #Outlander revealed

Fans of Outlander will remember Marsali’s shock when Claire (played by Caitriona Balfe) showed her the body of Mr. Farrish and explained she wanted to investigate why he had died. Eventually Marsali came round to the idea of training alongside Claire and learning more about medicine and surgery.

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Discussing the key season five scene on the Outcasts podcast, actress Lauren detailed what was involved in shooting Claire’s recruitment of Marsali.

She read out the scene with hosts David Berry and Tim Downie before revealing it was set to end in a much more explicit manner.

Lauren explained: “We had Mr Farrish being dead, he was in and out, he had his loin cloth on but then when they had the fake body, the cadaver, they gave him a full anatomy.

“So we could see everything.”

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Marsali Fraser Claire FraserOutlander deleted scene: Marsali and Claire Fraser surgery moment cut from series revealed (Image: STARZ)

Marsali Fraser Claire FraserOutlander deleted scene: Marsali was shocked when Claire showed her a dead body (Image: STARZ)

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She continued, referring to the script: “We did actually, you know how at the end it says Marsali becomes very intrigued, we did with every turn, we got closer and closer to his male anatomy.

“It was to the point where I was lifting up the sheet to look and Claire was snapping my hand away.

“We would do it and they would allow us to run with that and keep going.

“Then it didn’t quite make it, it was cut before it got to that.”

Marsali Fraser Claire FraserOutlander deleted scene: Lauren Lyle detailed how the moment Marsali peeked at the penis was cut from the show

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