China bubonic plague: Black death fears SOAR as cases reach highest in decades

CHINA's fears are escalating over the possible spread of the bubonic plague as an expert warns of the "thoroughly unpleasant disease".

PUBLISHED: 01:56, Fri, Sep 11, 2020 | UPDATED: 01:56, Fri, Sep 11, 2020

Mongolia recently reported its third death from the disease this year. The infection rates and number of deaths are rapidly increasing in the East Asian country at the highest level in decades.


This month, a 38-year-old man died from the bubonic plague in Mongolia’s Zavkhan province after eating marmot meat.

In August, China’s Inner Mongolia region reported two deaths to the deadly disease.

The fatalities prompted authorities to enforce partial lockdowns and quarantine local residents.

In total, Mongolia has recorded 18 suspected cases of the bubonic plague this year.

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China’s president Xi Jinping speaks during the during summitChina’s fears are escalating over the possible spread of the bubonic plague (Image: getty)

Officials have said at least 17 out of Mongolia’s 21 provinces have the potential to become a source of a bubonic plague outbreak.

Mongolia has been living with the deadly disease for centuries as the country eats meat from marmots as a delicacy.

The rodent is a carrier of the plague due to infected fleas.

But bans on hunting and trading marmots has not deterred people in Mongolia from consuming the infected meat.

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Bubonic plague smearMongolia recently reported its third death from the bubonic plague this year (Image: getty)

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