WW3: India and Japan sign military alliance against China as world braces for ...

INDIA and Japan have agreed a new military pact as both countries struggle to contain China sparking fears of open conflict.

PUBLISHED: 02:54, Fri, Sep 11, 2020 | UPDATED: 02:55, Fri, Sep 11, 2020

The two countries signed a reciprocal military logistics pact meaning their respective armed forces will provide each other with logistical support. New Delhi has been seeking to strengthen its regional alliances as tensions with Beijing escalate.

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In June 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a clash with their Chinese counterparts along the two countries’ contested border.

The agreement was signed by Indian defence secretary Ajay Kumar and Suzuki Satoshi, the Japanese ambassador.

The two sides agreed to provide “reciprocal provision of supplies and services” between their militaries.

India has already signed similar agreements with the United States, Australia, France, South Korea and Singapore.

WW3India and Japan have agreed a new military alliance (Image: GETTY)

WW3Japan and India both feel threatened by Chinese expansionism (Image: GETTY)

According to an Indian defence official, speaking to the Times of India, it is also seeking comparable arrangements with Britain and Russia.

They said: “India is negotiating similar pacts with the UK and Russia.

“The Russian one should be inked later this year.

“We don’t have the intention or the wherewithal to establish overseas bases like China is doing far and wide.”

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WW3India has launched a major programme to modernise its armed forces (Image: GETTY)


Negotiations for the new agreement began in October 2018 between Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and his Japanese opposite number Shinzo Abe.

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