Here's why #girihaji has been cancelled after just one season

GIRI/HAJI has officially been cancelled after the first season and fans are keen to know what happened to the detective series. Why has Giri/Haji season 2 been cancelled?

PUBLISHED: 22:02, Thu, Sep 10, 2020 | UPDATED: 22:02, Thu, Sep 10, 2020

Giri/Haji is Japanese for Duty/Shame and the series made its debut on BBC Two back in October 2019. The series was released to those around the rest of the world on in January 2020. has investigated why season two of Giri/Haji has been cancelled.

Why has Giri/Haji season 2 been cancelled?

Giri/Haji follows detective Kenzo Mori (Takehiro Hira) from Tokyo as he makes the journey to London to find his presumed-dead brother Yuto (Yōsuke Kubozuka).

Once in London he meets Sarah Weitzmann (Kelly Macdonald), a Metropolitan Police detective, and they investigate whether Yuto is guilty of murdering the nephew of a Yakuza gang member.

At the time of its release, BBC Controller of Drama Piers Wenger described the series as being "unlike anything we have ever seen before on British TV."

The eight-episode series was met with critical acclaim and it had a 100 per cent positive review rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The first season was described as being a breath of fresh air, and actor Hira was nominated BAFTA for Best Leading Actor. Will Sharpe, who plays Rodney Yamaguchi won the BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor.

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Giri/Haji cancelled: The series has been cancelledGiri/Haji cancelled: and the BBC have cancelled the series after one season (Image: /BBC)

Giri/Haji cancelled: Takehiro Hira and Kelly MacdonaldGiri/Haji cancelled: Kenzo Mori teams up with Sarah Weitzmann (Image: /BBC)

Giri Haji BBC location: Where is it filmed? Where’s it set?

So why then, was such a successful series cancelled after the first season?

A BBC spokesperson said: "We are incredibly proud of Giri/Haji and the recognition that it achieved, however in order to create room for new dramas it will not be returning.

"We are very grateful to Joe [Barton] and the cast and crew for all their hard work on it."

With this in mind, it seems the BBC is hoping to create even more successful dramas, with greater potential, in future.

A spokesperson said the series had huge ambition, and many fans were disappointed to hear the news.

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