RT @expressceleb: Kate Garraway details Gordon Brown's support as Derek battles ...

Gordon joined Kate and Ben Shephard on Good Morning Britain and began by offering his support to the presenter and note the family were always in his thoughts. Later in the interview, Kate touched upon his kind words and revealed he had been the “most helpful” as Derek remains in hospital.

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“Gordon, you mentioned Derek and one of the things I’ve learnt, and I also want to say to you publicly because you’re always very private about the personal good things you do and very public about your passions about the issues,” Kate remarked.

“But you’ve been personally try kind to me and one of the most helpful practically, apart from of course all the incredible teams who have been working on him within the NHS.

“But you have been amazingly helpful and so I thank you personally for that.”

“Well you are of the most wonderful people,” Gordon replied.

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Kate Garraway Gordon BrownKate Garraway details Gordon Brown's support as Derek battles coronavirus: 'Most helpful' (Image: ITV)

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Kate added: “Thank you for that. But, what I’ve found is not just you and not just people in the Labour party who may have worked with Derek, but right across the board I have seen so much kindness from politicians.

“So much desperation about the solution. When we’re talking about this, can you find in your heart, if you were still in charge, to see how impossible this is.


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