This surprising tip could help couples and groups avoid losing their luggage ...

A BAGGAGE handler has revealed a surprising tip for couples and groups which could ensure luggage stays together. Will you try it?

PUBLISHED: 10:29, Fri, Sep 11, 2020 | UPDATED: 10:29, Fri, Sep 11, 2020

Baggage handlers are a crucial part of the journey of a suitcase from check-in to the arrivals hall. Given that they are tasked with transporting thousands of bags daily, every now and again bags can end up being lost along the way.

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However, there are some things travellers can do themselves to avoid their bags disappearing.

A baggage handler has revealed that couples and groups can ensure their bags stay together by following this surprising, yet fairly simple, piece of advice.

The baggage handler shared the information in a Reddit forum.

“Get the same bag, same colour same everything, if you're lucky they will stay together and come off the truck together,” explained the airport worker.

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matching couples luggageLuggage: Matching suitcases could reduce the risk of bags going missing (Image: Getty Images)

Family with matching bagsLuggage: The tip can be used for families travelling too (Image: Getty Images)

“Not only because the handlers will place them together, because they look the same, but they [also] stack better when they are the same size.”

Though kitting your entire family out with matching luggage may seem like an expense at first, it could be the key ensuring you don’t end up empty-handed at arrivals.

The baggage handler also highlighted luggage tags which often come attached to suitcases.

Often, travellers leave these blank - but this could be detrimental.

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