Here's what we know about the tribute to Melanie Olmstead on #YellowstoneTV

YELLOWSTONE season three has now come to an end and the series has paid tribute to Melanie Olmstead. Who is Melanie Olmstead? What happened to her?

PUBLISHED: 15:22, Fri, Sep 11, 2020 | UPDATED: 15:24, Fri, Sep 11, 2020

Yellowstone airs on Paramount Network and the melodrama series follows the Dutton family on their ranch. Fans have been rewatching previous episodes and at the end of season two, there is a tribute to Melanie Olmstead. Who is Melanie Olmstead and what happened to her?

Who is Melanie Olmstead?

As part of the Yellowstone season two finale, there is a tribute to Melanie Olmstead and fans were keen to find out more about her.

Olmstead worked behind the scenes of Yellowstone, as filming crew and transporter for production teams.

She died at the age of 50 and had worked in the world of film and TV since the year 2000.

Olmstead is best known for her work on Yellowstone, for which she was the transportation and location lead.

The crew member died in May 2019 but no cause of death has been given yet.

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Yellowstone: Cast remember Melanie OlmsteadYellowstone: Melanie Olmstead worked as part of the crew (Image: Paramount Network)

Yellowstone: Melanie Olmstead was part of the crewYellowstone: Melanie Olmstead was a transporter on the series (Image: Paramount Network )

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She was a huge fan of Yellowstone as she had made clear her love for animals, especially horses, from a young age.

She had shared a photo of her own horse, called Mahogany, on her Facebook profile.

Olmstead had said: "My love affair with horses started about the time I learned to walk, but I didn’t get my first “just mine” horse until I was an adult.

"This beautiful, amazing girl has been with me since college and recently celebrated her 37th birthday—for my non-horsey friends, that’s over 100 in human years—and she’s still doing great!"

The crew member was from Salt Lake City in Utah and her friends and family celebrated her life

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