Eating more of one food can help burn fat fast and boost energy #weightloss

WEIGHT LOSS is greatly determined by what we eat. When trying to lose a few pounds, eating certain foods can help speed up results while also boosting energy. What are the best foods to eat?

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 04:00, Sat, Sep 12, 2020

Weight loss can be achieved with a healthy diet plan and regular exercise. While there are plenty of plans on the market, eating one food in particular could give good results. A nutritionist revealed eating more of certain foods can help weight loss while boosting energy.

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When trying to lose weight slimmers need to follow a healthy lifestyle, according to nutritionist Emily Rollason.

"There is no secret weapon for weight loss," Emily told

"It’s all about consistency and getting the right balance between nutrition and exercise."

In order to achieve a balanced diet, many dieters will drastically cut food groups from their plan.

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Weight loss: Protein diet plan healthyWeight loss: Eating foods high in fibre can help weight loss (Image: GETTY)

Weight loss: Protein diet plan healthy fibreWeight loss: Eating foods high in fibre can make slimmers feel full (Image: GETTY)

Of course, ditching unhealthy snacks is sure to help tone up the waistline.

However, the expert explained eating more of certain foods is actually the key to a weight loss transformation.

Those hoping to lose a few pounds and feel more energetic should add more foods high in fibre into their diets.

Emily commented: "Despite a bland reputation, health experts now believe that fibre is more than just ‘roughage’ that keeps you regular.


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