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HOLIDAYS abroad in a new country can be exciting if a bit daunting, even if you're a well-seasoned traveller. Tourists can sometimes be prime targets for criminals because they don't know the local area. Here's how you can stay safe while on holiday in a new country.

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Holidays abroad are for making memories, having a good time and exploring somewhere new. But while having fun is a priority, so should staying vigilant, especially in a country you don’t know very well. Sometimes, tourists can be targeted by criminals who take advantage of them not knowing the area or speaking the local language. To make sure you don’t get caught out, has gathered together ten ways you can stay safe on your next adventure in a new country.

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1. Get travel insurance

This is by far the most important advice for those travelling abroad.

Travel insurance can protect you if you have to cancel or cut your trip short and missed transport or delayed departure.

It can also protect you if you get hurt and need medical assistance, if your belongings get damaged or if your passports, money, baggage or any other items get lost or stolen.

If you don’t have travel insurance, you will have to pay out of your own pocket to deal with any issues while you’re away.

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how to stay safe abroadHow to stay safe abroad: Top tips for staying safe while on holiday in a new country (Image: GETTY)

How to stay safe abroad:How to stay safe abroad: Sometimes, tourists can be targeted by criminals (Image: GETTY)

2. Don’t flash your valuables

Watches, expensive bags, jewellery, electronic devices such as phones and tablets can all be targeted by thieves.

Even a fancy camera could make you a target, so pack things that are functional yet cheap.

3. Avoid certain areas

Dark alleyways, rough areas and even bus or train stations at night can be home to some unsavoury characters.

If you do feel uncomfortable, try and walk into a very busy area such as a restaurant or bar.

If you feel like you’re being followed, ask someone who looks like security or police for help or walk into a hotel that’s not yours.

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