#TheChase fans furious as celebs lose £45,000 for charity in final twist: ...

Bradley Walsh was on hand to help the celebrities as they battled it out against The Chase’s Paul Sinha. Giles, Rachel and Josie all managed to make it to the Final Chase but in a devastating turn of events, they lost a huge sum of £45,000.

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Giles kicked off the quiz this evening as he managed to bag £40,000 for the prize pot.

He was followed by Rachel who chose to play it safe and won £4,000 and returned to the panel for the Final Chase.

Chris Unfortunately took a risk to play for £50,000 but lost at the final hurdle.

It was then up to Josie to win more money but make it back for the final round.

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Paul Sinha The ChaseThe Chase fans furious as celebs lose £45,000 for charity in final twist: 'Complete joke' (Image: ITV)

Rachel Johnson Josie LongThe Chase saw Rachel, Josie and Giles face the Sinnerman in the Final Chase (Image: ITV)

Bradley Walsh issues warning to The Chase player

She opted for the lower offer of £1,000 and won, taking the total to £45,000 to be split between the stars’ chosen charities.

The trio managed to answer 17 questions correctly and had an additional three steps in the Final Chase.

It seemed as though they could win as Paul answered several questions incorrectly given them the chance to pushback.

While some

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