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THE FALL follows the story of serial killer Paul Spector and the police team who attempt to track him down. What happened to Professor Reed Smith played by Archie Panjabi?

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 12:00, Sun, Sep 13, 2020

The Fall fans have been catching up with the three seasons on and they are keen to find out what happened to one character in particular. Actress Archie Panjabi played Professor Reed Smith who was known for arriving at crime scenes on her motorbike, and carrying out forensic examinations on the dead. Panjabi has explained why she did not appear in season three of The Fall.

What happened to Professor Reed Smith?

Professor Tanya Reed Smith is a pathologist in the series, and she is assigned to work on the cases that Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) investigates.

In the series she is married with two children, and she establishes a strong relationship with Stella.

In the second season both Stella and Tanya grew concerned over the way the investigation into serial murderer Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) had been handled.

They both realised one of his former girlfriends, Rose Stagg (Valene Kane) was missing and they feared it was due to the fact she had given information to the police about Spector.

Tanya was the one who had told Stella in the first place about Rose's connection to Paul.

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The Fall: Tanya Reed Smith and Stella GibsonThe Fall: Archie Panjabi as Tanya Reed Smith (Image: )

The Fall: Tanya Reed SmithThe Fall: Tanya Reed Smith collecting evidence (Image: )

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Fans may have noticed the pathologist does not make an appearance in season three, and actress Panjabi explained why she left the series.

The actress also starred in The Good Wife, and she told Digital Spy the filming schedules clashed, so she could not take part in The Fall's final season.

She said: "Sadly, the schedules didn't work out with that, but I absolutely will be tuning in to watch it, as not only am I a fan of the show, I'm good friends with Gillian and very fond of Jamie [Dornan] and the team."

She said it was an excellent experience to work with the two main characters and she said both were a lot of fun.

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