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THE SINGAPORE GRIP starts tonight on ITV. The second war drama follows a family of wealthy Britons living in Singapore but what can a modern-day tourist do in the island city-state? This is your Singapore travel guide.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 19:01, Sun, Sep 13, 2020

the singapore grip itv travel guide what to doSingapore: What can a modern-day tourist do in the island city state? (Image: Getty Images)

The Singapore Grip airs tonight - the first episode in a six-part series based on JG Farrell’s satirical colonial drama of the same name. Singapore in Southeast Asia attracts hundreds of thousands of British tourists every year. So what is there to do there? Express.co.uk teamed up with the Singapore Tourism Board to find out more.

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This is what they recommend to see, do, eat and drink in the city.

What to do in Singapore… if you want to explore Singapore Botanic Gardens

The 158 year old Singapore Botanic Gardens is a lush tropical garden located at the fringe of Orchard Road and offer respite in the heart of Singapore. Since 2015, the Botanic Gardens is the first and only tropical botanic garden on the UNESCO World Heritage List. They are a testament to Singapore’s reputation as a “City in a Garden”. 

Gardens by the Bay

Singapore’s remarkable blend of natural and cosmopolitan living comes to life in Gardens by the Bay – a multi-award-winning horticultural destination in the centre of Singapore spanning 101 hectares. Waterfront views, diverse flora and surreal tropical landscapes merge to create this iconic Singapore landmark, home to the infamous Supertree Grove. 

Neighbourhood: Chinatown

Chinatown is much loved for its blend of old and new, with historic temples and traditional medicinal halls sitting alongside bold new bars and trendy lifestyle shops. Chinatown’s main thoroughfare, South Bridge Road is home to a Buddhist temple, a mosque and a Hindu temple just a few metres away from each other, showcasing Singapore’s harmonious, multi-cultural society. 

Neighbourhood: Little India

Little India is one of Singapore’s most vibrant districts. Walking down Serangoon road and neighbouring streets, explore their mix of Hindu and Chinese temples, mosques and churches.

Fill your stomach with South Indian vegetarian food, North Indian tandoori dishes and delicious local fare like roti prata (flat bread) and teh tarik (pulled tea in Malay). 

Neighbourhood: Kampong Gelam 

Singapore’s Malay-Muslim quarter is an eclectic blend of history and culture with a trendy lifestyle scene. Kampong Gelam neighbourhood has its origins as a thriving port town and is Singapore’s oldest urban quarter. In Malay, the word kampong means “compound”, while gelam is linked to the long-leaved paperbark tree, which was found and used locally for boat-making, medicine and even as a seasoning for food. 

Jewel Changi Airport

Designed by Moshe Safdie, Jewel Changi Airport seamlessly integrates the outdoors with the indoors.

Visitors can marvel at the lush greenery of one of Singapore’s largest climate controlled indoor gardens and where immersive experiences are integrated into forward thinking aviation facilities. 

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the singapore grip itv travel guide what to doSingapore: The 158 year old Singapore Botanic Gardens is a lush tropical garden (Image: Getty Images)

What to do in Singapore… if you’re after culture National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore is a leading visual arts institution housing the world’s largest public collection of Singapore and Southeast Asian modern art. Situated at the birthplace of modern Singapore, in the heart of the civic district, the gallery is housed in two national monuments – City Hall and the former Supreme Court, which has been beautifully restored and transformed into the 64,000 square metre gallery. You can currently browse, watch and listen from the comfort of your own home online.

National Museum of Singapore

National Museum of Singapore is the oldest museum in Singapore. Its history dates back to 1849, when it was started as a section of a library at Singapore Institution and called the Raffles Library and Museum. 

Asian Civilisations Museum 

With its mix of races and cultures, Singapore has earned a reputation for being the cultural melting pot of Asia – and Asian Civilisations Museum is all about exploring the people from around the region that have settled on Singapore’s shores over the past two centuries. The museum comprises a display of over 400 precious and finely crafted masterpieces of ceramics, and textiles, and jewellery that tell stories of Asian identities, histories and cultures. 

Joo Chiat/Katong

Discover Peranakan culture as you stroll past heritage shophouses, quaint stores and eateries in this charming corner of eastern Singapore. Joo Chiat neighbourhood is named after Chew Joo Chiat, a wealthy Chinese landowner in the early 20th century. The area’s identity is especially shaped by its unique pre-war architecture – colourful two-storey shophouses and terrace houses with ornate facades, intricate motifs and ceramic tiles. The neighbouring Katong was once filled with coconut plantations and used as a weekend retreat by wealthy city dwellers before being developed into a residential suburb, populated by Peranakans and Eurasian by the early 20th century. 

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

There are few buildings in Singapore as eye-catching as Esplanade, a world-class performing arts centre made up of two rounded glass domes fitted with over 7,000 triangular aluminium sunshades. Locals have dubbed them "the Durian", as the twin structures resemble the spiky tropical fruit that is unique to this part of the world.


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