Steph McGovern brutally shut down after bursting into hysterics at Boris ...

Steph, 38, was finally in a studio in Leeds to launch her self-titled chat show Steph’s Packed Lunch after the coronavirus pandemic put proceedings on hold earlier this year. The Channel 4 lunchtime show managed to operate from the journalist’s home back in April, where the broadcaster spoke with her co-stars via video calls. However, she was joined by a plethora of guests on her programme on Monday and it was a quip about Boris Johnson, 55, made by comedian and actor Angus Deayton, 64, which left her in hysterics. Though he jokingly snapped at her later on in the episode when she probed him about his personal life.

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Angus’ role on the show was to give a satirical view of the day’s headlines, discussing matters from coronavirus to pet parrots.

With Monday marking the implementation of the Prime Minister’s rule of six to combat the spread of COVID-19, the comedian thought he’d reference the topical point.

The actor said: “Gatherings of more than six are now banned - which is a killer blow to the planned reunion of S Club 7.

“And it also means Boris Johnson can’t meet up with all of his children for lunch for a few months,” the comedian jibed, with Steph heard laughing in the background.

As the Prime Minister and his fiancée Carrie Symonds, 32, having had their new-born son baptised this weekend, the funnyman added: “It was a small gathering of family and friends.”

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Steph McGovern shut down after Boris Johnson swipeSteph McGovern brutally shut down after bursting into hysterics over Boris Johnson swipe (Image: GETTY/Channel 4)

Steph's Packed LunchSteph's Packed Lunch has finally launched on Channel 4 (Image: Channel 4)

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“Partly because of the virus and partly because he’s running out of friends,” the comedian continued.

Clearly finding Angus' new segment amusing, she noted: "I've been looking forward to you doing that."

The shut down didn’t come until the presenter had a general conversation with Angus, stating it must be a “great time” for stand-up comics to get material with so much happening in the news.

Knowing the actor had travelled to Leeds especially to appear on the show, Steph asked: “How was your first night in

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