#Des star David Tennant reveals ‘useful way' of getting David Nilsen to talk 

ITV fact-based drama Des begins tonight and sees David Tennant star as serial killer Dennis Nilsen. The drama begins with Detective Chief Inspector Peter Jay (played by Daniel Mays) being called to Dennis’ house where he discovers human flesh clogging up the drains. Although the killer admits to the murders, actor David has shared an insight into how the police got Dennis to talk. 

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On 9 February 1983, Dennis returned from work to discover police making a horrific discovery within his clogged up drains. 

In the drama, Dennis admits to the murders of as many as 15 or 16 victims.

The police then try to secure a conviction by gathering as much evidence as possible.

In a recent interview, David revealed how the detectives used cigarettes to get the killer to talk. 

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Des David TennantDes star David Tennant has spoken out on ITV role (Image: ITV)

Des David TennantDes: David Tennant stars as the notorious serial killer (Image: ITV)

Dennis Nilsen: Where is Detective Chief Inspector Peter Jay now?

In the 1980s, cigarettes could be smoked within police stations and interview rooms.

“Whenever we talked to anyone who had been there [including police officers involved in the investigation],” David began.

“They talked about the chain-smoking of endless cigarettes.

“But cigarettes were a useful way of getting Nilsen’s favour so he would talk.” 

Des David TennantDes: David Tennant reveals how David Nilsen was persuaded to talk (Image: ITV)

Des David TennantDes: David Tennant reveals

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