The truth behind what happened to #DennisNilsen 's dog

DENNIS NILSEN was a notorious serial killer from the 80s who was imprisoned for life. What happened to Dennis Nilsen's dog?

PUBLISHED: 07:28, Wed, Sep 16, 2020 | UPDATED: 07:29, Wed, Sep 16, 2020

Dennis Nilsen was known for murdering between 12 and 15 young men at his homes before dismembering their bodies. ITV series Des, which concludes tonight (September 16) explores what happened to Nilsen after he was caught by police. Fans are keen to find out what happened to his dog after he was arrested.

What happened to Dennis Nilsen's dog?

Dennis Nilsen (played by David Tennant) lived alone at his two addresses in Melrose Avenue and Cranley Gardens in London.

He had no wife or children, but instead lived with his dog - a border collie cross called Bleep.

When Nilsen was arrested at his home in Cranley Gardens, his beloved dog was taken away from him and put in an animal shelter.

Nilsen would ask detective Peter Jay (Daniel Mays) and the author of his biography Brian Masters (Jason Watkins) for regular updates on Bleep's welfare.

His dog, it seems, was the only thing in life Nilsen was emotionally attached to.

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Dennis Nilsen: Dennis Nilsen's dog BleepDennis Nilsen: Dennis Nilsen's dog bleep was put down (Image: ITV)

Dennis Nilsen: Bleep at the police stationDennis Nilsen: Bleep was taken to the police station (Image: ITV)

Dennis Nilsen: Is Dennis Nilsen still alive?

Masters eventually found out the heartbreaking truth about Bleep, he had been put down by the animal shelter.

Nilsen was visibly upset, saying his precious dog was an innocent bystander to his heinous crimes.

Nilsen's dog actually played an important role in the investigation, as one of his victims, who managed to survive, recalled the moment Bleep licked his face.

Carl Stottor was a 21-year-old homosexual man whom Nilsen met at the Black Cap pub in Camden.

Nilsen carried out his usual ritual on Stottor and believed he had killed him. He watched how Bleep started licking Stottor's face and realised he was still alive.

Dennis Nilsen: Dennis Nilsen and Peter JayDennis Nilsen: Detective Peter Jay with Dennis Nilsen in Des (Image: ITV)

When Stottor woke up, Nilsen had told him

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