Creators of #AwayNetflix talk about the accuracy of the series

AWAY has made it into the top 10 on in the UK and fans have fallen in love with the emotional space series. But how accurate is Away on ?

PUBLISHED: 11:20, Wed, Sep 16, 2020 | UPDATED: 11:20, Wed, Sep 16, 2020

Away is a new series on which stars Hilary Swank as NASA astronaut Emma Green, as she leads a crew on a mission to Mars. The series focuses on the relationships between the characters as they make the three-year trip through space to create new life on the red planet. Fans are wondering how accurate Away is and has investigated.

How accurate is Away on ?

The creators of Away on have always stressed this is a series about relationships which happens to be set in space, rather than a series about space itself.

However, that has not stopped fans from wondering how accurate the series is, given the journey through space is one of the most prominent features of the show.

The series documents Emma and her team's journey from their base on the Moon to Mars, where they hope to create new life.

They face many technical issues along the way, including damage to their water supply and their second rocket, which is full of extra supplies, potentially exploding.

The crew themselves also face a number of physical challenges, including Ram's (Ray Panthaki) extreme fever and Misha's (Mark Ivanir) space blindness - a real medical condition.

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Away Netflix: Emma Green in spaceAway : Emma Green floating in the ship in space (Image: )

Away Netflix: Hilary SwankAway : Hilary Swank as Emma Green on the moon (Image: )

Away on explained: Is Space Blindness real?

Fans may be interested to hear the series is based on a magazine article by Chris Jones, so it takes its cue from true events.

The article tells the story of astronaut Scott Kelly on an International Space Station mission, and it explains how his sister-in-law, Gabby Giffords, wa shot while he is in space.

Creator Andrew Hinderaker explained how this influenced the series, which looks at what it means to be so far away from family and still attempt to navigate how to take care of them.

One of the obvious deviations from the article is the fact the main character in the series is a woman.

Hinderaker explained how this move was to accentuate how Emma is still so emotionally tied to her family on Earth, and she is not prepared to forget them.

Away Netflix: Josh Charles and Talitha BatemanAway : Research was carried out to explore Matt Logan's CCM (Image: )

Her character was loosely

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