Disaster for Nicola Sturgeon as Scots turn against independence if it means ...

MANY SCOTS turn against leaving the UK if it means losing access to the pound or a hard border with England according to a shock new survey.

PUBLISHED: 05:31, Sat, Sep 19, 2020 | UPDATED: 05:31, Sat, Sep 19, 2020

Recent polling in Scotland has found increased support for leaving the British union. However if this means Scotland ditches the pound or risks a hard English border voters become far more sceptical.

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The survey, of a representative sample of 1,008 people, was conducted by the unionist Scotland in Union campaign group.

It found 42 percent of Scots would be less likely to vote to leave the UK if it meant abandoning the pound and adopting a new currency.

Just 15 percent of respondents said this would make them more likely to vote for independence with another 33 percent stating it would make no difference.

Similarly if breaking up Britain led to a hard border between Scotland and England 43 percent of Scots would be more opposed, with just 18 percent saying this would increase their support for separation.

ScotlandSupport for Scotland leaving the UK falls if it means losing the pound (Image: GETTY)

ScotlandNicola Sturgeon is demanding a second referendum on Scottish independence (Image: GETTY)

The respondents were also asked how they would vote on a referendum on ‘Should Scotland remain in the United Kingdom or leave the United Kingdom?’

The survey found 56 percent would choose to remain with the UK whilst just 44 percent would vote to leave.

Reacting to the survey Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, argued it shows how important remaining part of the UK is for Scots.

Speaking to The Scotsman she said: “The SNP wants to ditch the pound, risk a hard border between friends and families, and is prepared to make dramatic cuts to public spending to close Scotland’s deficit.

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