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AMANDA HOLDEN - who is a judge on Britain's Got Talent 2020 - has spoken out about a decision her daughters, who she shares with husband Chris Hughes, made, as the star insisted two new adorable arrivals to their home were not named after Princess Beatrice.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 18:00, Sat, Sep 19, 2020

Britain’s Got Talent 2020 judge Amanda Holden, 49, has shared an insight into a decision her two daughters, Hollie, eight, and Alexa, 14, made when she treated them to pet rabbits after the coronavirus lockdown. The Heart Radio host admitted she “went a bit nuts” while being stuck at home for months alongside her husband Chris Hughes and their children, which inspired her to invest in the adorable animals for her family.


Detailing her lockdown shopping habits, Amanda said: “I did a lot of ridiculous online shopping. I ordered half a ton of soil to make vegetable beds. 

“Then, when lockdown had ended, all these lettuce and spring onion seedlings arrived. 

“Of course, I hadn't prepared the vegetable beds for them.”

She continued: “I also bought plastic falcons to scare birds away from the grass seed, and when the shops opened the girls and I bought two rabbits. 

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Amanda HoldenAmanda Holden addresses home decision (Image: GETTY•ITV)

Amanda HoldenAmanda Holden shares her two daughters with husband Chris Hughes (Image: GETTY)

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“They wanted guinea pigs but rabbits live longer.”

Amanda went on to reveal her daughters’ choice of names for the bunnies, Princess and Beatrice.

However, the television and radio personality insisted their monikers were not inspired by royalty.

Amanda explained to Daily Mail: “They called them Princess and Beatrice. 


Amanda HoldenAmanda Holden bought her daughters rabbits after lockdown (Image: INSTAGRAM•AMANDAHOLDEN)

Amanda HoldenAmanda Holden said her daughters didn't name their rabbits after Princess Beatrice

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