The Chase star Mark Labbett blocks fans after saying no to 'lockdown' amid ...

MARK LABBETT - who is best known as The Chase's The Beast - has admitted he has resorted to "blocking people" this afternoon after he "said no" to a second lockdown via Twitter.

PUBLISHED: 17:10, Sun, Sep 20, 2020 | UPDATED: 17:11, Sun, Sep 20, 2020

While there have been reports the UK could be facing a second lockdown as Prime Minister Boris Johnson said we are 'seeing a second wave' in the UK, The Chase star Mark Labbett, 55, who is also known as The Beast, contributed to the national trend on Twitter today which says #SayNoToLockdown. The quizzer has now admitted he has "blocked" people after being inundated with comments "questioning" his "intelligence".


Blocking a lot of people.

Mark Labbett

It comes after Mark decided to join in with the trending hashtag this afternoon.

In view of his 130,000 Twitter followers, the quizzing genius wrote: "#SayNoToLockdown."

Soon after Mark spoke out online, many fans questioned his update and quizzed the star's admission.

One wrote: "Why Mark? Sure it's a pain, but at least it helps slow the spread considerably."

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Mark Labbett The Chase The BEast Twitter lockdownMark Labbett says 'no' to second lockdown (Image: ITV/GETTY)

Mark Labbett Twitter The Chase pictures newsMark Labbett says 'no' to second lockdown on Twitter (Image: Mark labbett Twitter)

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Another shared: "Come on Mark. Poor from you."

However, one backed the Chaser as they said: "Well said, @MarkLabbett.

"Assuming there was another lockdown, at some point, it’d have to be lifted. The virus would start spreading again and there’d be calls for a 3rd, then 4th and however more after. Locking down dodges the issue."

It then wasn't long before Mark shared an additional post to explain why he has "blocked" "a lot" of his followers after he spoke out.

Mark Labbett Twitter lockdown fans blockingMark Labbett admits to blocking fans after update (Image: Mark

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