Fortress #Taiwan: US plans to sell SEVEN major weapons systems to island, ...

THE United States has plans to sell seven major weapon systems to Taiwan, including cruises missiles, as part of a project dubbed Fortress Taiwan, it has been claimed, in a move certain to further anger Beijing after recent visits by two US Government officials.

PUBLISHED: 14:57, Sun, Sep 27, 2020 | UPDATED: 15:28, Sun, Sep 27, 2020

The radical move would also involve the sale of mine and drones, and would be highly unusual give US military sales to Taiwan are usually spaced out to prevent unnecessary tension with China, which regards the island to be part of its territory in accordance with its One China policy. However, with relations between the US and China having deteriorated significantly since US President Donald came into office, Washington has adopted a more proactive response in recent years.


Additionally, President Tsai Ing-wen, who was re-elected in January, has made strengthening Taiwan's defences a top priority, and in August sealed a deal to acquire 66 US-built F-16 fighter jets.

The Pentagon is understood to refer to an ongoing bid to provide a counterbalance to China's overwhelming military superiority as Fortress Taiwan.

Taiwan's government has described the reported package of measures as a "media assumption", declining to comment further.

Donald Trump Xi JinpingUS President Donald and Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping (Image: GETTY)

China jet TaiwanA Chinese jet takes off to take part in exercises close to Taiwan earlier this month (Image: NC)

The US State Department has also not offered any official comment on the widespread suggestions.

Weapons deals from Lockheed Martin Co, Boeing and General Atomics are in the offing, three people familiar with the status of the deals on Capitol Hill said last week, with a notification to Congress expected within weeks.

One industry source said Mr was briefed on the issue last week by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

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Tsai Ing-wenTsai Ing-wen, Taiwan's President (Image: GETTY)

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Some of the deals had been requested by Taiwan more than a year ago, but were only now being processed.

Drones which can see over the horizon for

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