TikTok THREAT: China ‘prepared to fight’ Donald over app branding US ...

CHINA has warned it is "fully prepared to fight" the US for ownership of TikTok as the battle between the two nations over the social media app escalates.

PUBLISHED: 02:44, Tue, Sep 29, 2020 | UPDATED: 02:44, Tue, Sep 29, 2020

China’s state-run Global Times criticised Donald following a federal judge’s decision to grant a preliminary injunction on the TikTok, and its parent company ByteDance, ban in the US. The media outlet claimed America is “shamelessly robbing a Chinese company” in a recent article.


It read: "The US is shamelessly robbing a Chinese company in an attempt to drive it away from the products it has created and make US companies its new owner.

“China won't allow this. We will defend our rights to the end.

“For the sake of TikTok and other Chinese companies, we will act to prevent globalization from becoming Americanization."

The Global Times is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Daily newspaper.

China's President Xi JinpingChina has warned it is “fully prepared to fight” the US for ownership of TikTok (Image: getty)

TikTok on mobile phoneTikTok has denied claims that its Chinese ownership is a threat to American users’ data (Image: getty)

It praised the District of Columbia judge Carl Nichols' decision to grant an injection, saving TikTok from being removed from US mobile app stores.

The publication said the move “served as a buffer to the administration’s insane suppression of TikTok”.

It added: "The US government requests that ByteDance must completely withdraw from TikTok's operation and hand over its control on TikTok to a US entity.

“This is blunt bullying. It's a robbery of Chinese company's achievements under the guise of security.

“This is a flagrant subversion of international business ethics."

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Donald Trump at White HouseDonald suggested he would not support a deal that does not give the US “total control” (Image: getty)

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