Paul McCartney speaks out on John Lennon reconciliation after 'all their ...

PAUL MCCARTNEY has spoken out about his reconciliation with his former bandmate from The Beatles, John Lennon, after "all the arguing", as the musician admitted it would have been "a heartache" to him if they hadn't reunited.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 00:01, Tue, Sep 29, 2020

Sir Paul McCartney, 78, has informed John Lennon’s son Sean Ono Lennon that he feels “so happy” that he was able to have a reconciliation with his late father after their arguments. Paul and John met at a local church fete in 1957 and went on to form The Beatles with fellow band members George Harrison and Ringo Starr.


The musicians wrote some of the most iconic songs recorded by The Beatles, but following the band’s split in 1970, tensions rose between the pair.

John had claimed in interviews that Paul sabotaged songs in the studio by not committing his full creativity to them.

However, Sir Paul has since put some of John’s comments down to his drug use and talking “c**p” that he didn’t mean.

In spite of their differences, Paul admitted during a Radio 2 documentary hosted by John’s son Sean that it “would have been a heartache” to him if they hadn’t reunited.

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Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney speaks out on John Lennon reconciliation after 'all their arguing'  (Image: GETTY)

Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney and John Lennon 'argued' after The Beatles' split (Image: GETTY)

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In David Hepworth’s article about John in this week’s Radio Times in honour of the 40th anniversary of his death, he writes: “‘After all the arguing, I’m so happy I got it back with your dad,’ he tells Sean.

“‘It really would have been a heartache to me if we hadn’t reunited.’”

He also spoke to Sean about a picture taken by his first wife Linda of the duo writing songs together during the 60s.

Paul said of the image: “‘That picture gave me hope. It’s me and John writing. 


Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney feels 'so happy' he reunited with John Lennon (Image: GETTY)

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