Michael Whitehall's net worth revealed #TravelsWithMyFather

MICHAEL WHITEHALL is known for being the hilarious father of comedian Jack Whitehall. How much is Jack Whitehall's father worth?

PUBLISHED: 07:20, Tue, Sep 29, 2020 | UPDATED: 07:21, Tue, Sep 29, 2020

Michael Whitehall became an even bigger celebrity after he started appearing in the comedic reality series Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father. As the title suggests, comedian Jack Whitehall takes his rather reluctant father on a tour of different countries, throwing him into the quirkiest of activities. Fans are keen to know Michael Whitehall's net worth and Express.co.uk has everything you need to know.

What is Michael Whitehall's net worth?

Michael Whitehall is a well-known talent agent and TV producer, who has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment.

The theatrical agent has formed two production companies - Havahall Pictures and Whitehall Films, and he has represented acts including Dame Judi Dench and Colin Firth.

While he was at school he worked as a film reporter, and his grandad had paid for his education.

The father of four is married to Hilary, who also stars in the popular travel series, Travels With My Father, which is back on for season four.

While he has made guest appearances on many other TV shows in the past, Michael has become most famous for regularly upstaging his son Jack on the hit.

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Michael Whitehall net worth: £10 millionMichael Whitehall net worth: Michael is worth £10 million (Image: Getty)

Michael Whitehall net worth: Jack Whitehall's dadMichael Whitehall net worth: Michael is a talent agent (Image: )

Jack Whitehall v Michael Whitehall net worth - who is richest?

Michael is believed to have a net worth of £10 million ($12.7million), which is not surprising considering his family history and his prosperous career.

His grandfather's cousin was a wool merchant and there has been significant wealth in the family for many generations.

But Michael has of course made his own living through is work as a renowned and well-established theatrical agent and producer.

Some of his producer work was on TV series including The Good Guys and A Perfect Hero.

He also helped present the series Backchat on BBC Three, along with his son Jack, and the series then moved to BBC Two.

Michael Whitehall net worth: Jack and Michael WhitehallMichael Whitehall net worth: Michael Whitehall is the father of Jack Whitehall (Image: Getty)

He has also published a number of books about his life as a talent agent, including Shark Infested

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