Biden vs debate savaged – ‘More awkward than a Meghan Markle family ...

The provocative comment was made by Mark Dolan during his talkRADIO show. The Duchess of Sussex is known to be estranged from a number of her own family members including father Thomas Markle, who previously discussed their strained relationship in his own Channel 5 documentary.

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Mr Dolan added: “If America is the greatest nation on earth, we are all in trouble.”

During the debate in Cleveland Mr and Mr Biden over coronavirus, the economy, racial justice and law and order.

Discussion turned acrimonious with Mr Biden calling the president racist and asking him to “shut up”, whilst Mr launched personal attacks on Mr Biden’s son.

At times the moderator, Fox News’ Chris Wallace, seemed to lose control as the two men talked over each other.

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Trump"If America is the greatest nation on earth, we are all in trouble" (Image: GETTY)

TrumpMark Dolan on talkRADIO (Image: talkRADIO )

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