Spitting Image: Former target's harsh predictions for satirical puppet show ...

SPITTING IMAGE has been released on BritBox today and one of the satirical puppet show's former targets revealed his brutal predictions for the season.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 17:11, Sat, Oct 3, 2020

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The popular TV show will return today after a 24-year hiatus. First broadcast in 1984, the satirical hit notably mocked Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and John Major as well as a number of celebrities. Previews for the 'Spitting Image's new season suggests it will follow in that same ilk, with world leaders Boris Johnson, Donald and Vladimir Putin in the firing line. Others set to be featured are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, climate change activist Greta Thunberg, Gary Lineker and Piers Morgan. Roger Law, one of the show’s creators, revealed the backlash to the show amid predictions for the first season.


The former-newspaper cartoonist recalled they never received angry feedback from those they mocked despite their regular attacks on society’s upper echelon.

Mr Law told The Telegraph: “English people can’t say ‘I was deeply offended’, because they look like they can’t take a joke.”

The creators claimed that a number of their subjects were “happy to be photographed with their puppets” and some individuals lobbied them to be featured.

Peter Fluck said that they “resisted doing [Lord] Jeffrey Archer for a very long time” despite his regular requests. 

Mr Fluck recalled: “He used to send photographs and voice tapes with letters asking when his puppet would be ready.”

At its peak, more than 15 million viewers tuned in to watch ‘Spitting Image’s weekly attacks on politicians and celebrities alike. 

Spitting image tv britbox puppet johnson trump ukSpitting Image news: Satirical puppet show has been released on BritBox today (Image: ITV / BRITBOX)

Spitting image tv britbox puppet johnson trump ukSpitting Image news: TV show was first released in 1984 and returned after 24 years off air (Image: GETTY)

One individual to be featured was Lord Norman Tebbit, who served in Ms Thatcher’s cabinet for six years from 1981. 

He recalled being “very happy” with his portrayal because he was “almost always winning” .

Lord Tebbit wrote in a Telegraph column: “He also made me accessible in emotional terms with what you'd characterise as the typical Millwall supporter.

“[They] had a pretty bad reputation as being rough. They felt I was one of them, through my puppet.”

Before the new season’s debut, the columnist claimed it was “a rich field at the moment” for political satire and gave his

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