COVID-19 NHS app disappearing alerts: Fix for 'confusing' notifications could ...

A FIX for a "confusing" issue with the NHS COVID-19 app which sees alarming alerts about the coronavirus sent out and then quickly vanish is in the works - but could take some time.

PUBLISHED: 13:04, Sun, Oct 4, 2020 | UPDATED: 13:04, Sun, Oct 4, 2020

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COVID-19 NHS app disappearing alertsCOVID-19 NHS app disappearing alerts issue could take some time to fix (Image: GETTY)

Throughout the past week there have been reports from users about disturbing alerts that they have received after downloading the NHS COVID-19 app. Users of the newly launched iOS and Android app have reported receiving a coronavirus alert titled 'possible COVID-19 exposure'. However, when clicked upon the alert from the NHS COVID-19 app doesn't show anything.

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According to the BBC, the Department of Health (DoH) has said these disappearing alerts are caused by the Apple and Google framework instead of the app itself.

The Beeb reported that the DoH said a fix is in the works, but it could take weeks to sort out.

However, an Apple source told the BBC that the issue is "not a heavy lift" and shouldn't be too tricky to fix.

The Department of Health advised that the only notifications that matter appear inside the iOS and Android app.

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The app will say when users need to go into isolation, and provides a countdown clock as well as warning when locations people have checked into are a virus hotspot. In the meantime users have said that the disappearing COVID-19 app alerts have been causing alarm and confusion.

Speaking to the BBC, Lee Stanley said that he installed the app when he was in Birmingham - which the app was telling him was a high-risk area.

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