Prince Harry’s angry dig at father Prince Charles after he was 'laughed at'

PRINCE HARRY's angry dig at his father Prince Charles was captured in a fascinating snippet of footage.

PUBLISHED: 12:13, Sun, Oct 4, 2020 | UPDATED: 12:15, Sun, Oct 4, 2020

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Harry jibes about how Charles never does any menial tasks for himself, instead getting servants to do it. In the video, a teenage Harry is brushing a pair of muddy boots at a polo match and being laughed at by his father. Clearly annoyed, Harry said: “What? I always clean them. I played yesterday, I didn’t have a chance. Just because you’d get someone else to do it for you…”


The footage, shown in the documentary ‘Royal Servants’, was back from when he and William were teenagers and had not become full time royals yet.

The young princes had a very different idea to their father about what things they should do themselves versus what servants should do for them.

While Charles has had everything done for him from a young age, the younger royals take a more modern approach, preferring to have some independence.

Clive Goodman, former royal correspondent at the News of the World, spoke about this during the documentary ‘Royal Servants’, uploaded to YouTube in 2011.

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prince harry prince charlesPrince Harry made an angry dig at his father in the clip (Image: GETTY)

prince harry prince charles prince williamHarry, Charles and William at the polo in the video footage (Image: YouTube (MyDigitalRealm))

He said: “There was a fascinating bit of footage that showed both the brothers and their father at a polo match and Harry was having to brush a pair of boots that he was borrowing ‒ and everyone was laughing at him.

“His dig at his father was, ‘at least I’m cleaning it myself, not like you’.

“And that was exactly right, Charles would never, ever, ever think of cleaning his own shoes.

“By the time he was William’s age, he had a valet, a private secretary, a driver ‒ he had a pretty substantial staff all of his own.

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prince harry newsPrince Harry cleaning his boots (Image: YouTube (MyDigitalRealm))

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“William doesn’t have anyone. William has half a private secretary who he shares with Prince Harry and his police bodyguards and that’s it.

“And that’s all he wants. Not interested.”

Royal experts in the documentary also claimed William and Harry do not trust their servants in the same way royals have in the past,

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