Adam Henson addresses backlash to his 'controversial' segments on BBC's ...

ADAM HENSON - who hosts Countryfile - has addressed dealing with criticism behind the scenes of the hugely-popular BBC show, after fronting a number of "controversial" segments.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 16:01, Sun, Oct 4, 2020

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Countryfile presenter Adam Henson, 54, has spoken out about fronting "controversial" topics for the television programme and the response he has got afterwards. The farmer expressed his thoughts on the situation in an exclusive new interview with


Let them make their point

Adam Henson

Opening up on his experience being a host on Countryfile, Adam divulged: "The BBC are dealing with that a lot, they get letters of advice or complaints or whatever it may be.

"In the pieces as presenters, what we have to do is to be as balanced as we possibly can be, and show both sides of the argument if it's a controversial issue."

He went on to share: "We will interview experts who may be on either sides of the table, or either side of the argument and try and let them make their point and then the viewer can take their judgment and decide.

"So, I think it's about the individual who's watching making informed choices."

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Adam Henson BBC criticism countryfileAdam Henson talks BBC dealing with criticism (Image: ITV/PA)

Adam Henson Countryfile presenter newsAdam Henson says BBC have a lot to deal with (Image: PA)

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Adam, who became one of Countryfile's presenters back in 2001, then explained his and his co-stars' roles.

"And it isn't for us as presenters to judge or persuade, it's just a case of laying the facts on the line and telling people what's going on," he said.

"You mentioned hunting, that's a hugely controversial topic, but it's a sport that is now banned in the UK and continues to be banned. That's the law of the land."

The farmer explained: "People say to me, you know why? Because it's against the law.

Adam Henson Matt Baker Countryfile 2001Adam Henson has worked on Countryfile since 2001 (Image: PA)

Adam Henson cotsworld farm park countryfileAdam Henson runs his Cotsworld Farm Park which his father began (Image:

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