Were you left confused by *this* character at the end of Dark? If so, you ...

DARK season 3 rounded off the German science fiction trilogy neatly with the final cycle playing out in all its glory. The new series saw the introduction of a new character who was revealed to be Martha and Jonas' son - but why was he murdering people?

PUBLISHED: 15:05, Sat, Jul 4, 2020 | UPDATED: 15:13, Sat, Jul 4, 2020

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’s science fiction masterpiece Dark wrapped up recently when the season three landed on the streaming platform. Dark tells a densely layered story about time travel, exploring the debate of free will versus determinism. Season three of Dark also brought new elements into play with the introduction of new characters and worlds.

Why was Martha and Jonas’ son killing people?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Dark on

While most of the questions surrounding the knot were answered, other plot strands were left open-ended.

One of the biggest loose ends concerned Martha Nielsen (played by Lisa Vicari) and Jonas Kahnwald’s (Louis Hofmann) child.

Their son was conceived by Jonas and Martha from the second world, making it the offspring of these two places and so binding them together in a knot.

Interestingly, the character was never given a name but going by the Adam Adam’s (Dietrich Hollinderbaumer) and Eva (Barbara Nüsse) biblical theme, it may well have been Cain.

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Dark season 3 featured a mysterious characterDark season 3 featured a mysterious character (Image: )

Dark season 3: Martha's son existed as three versions in one placeDark season 3: Martha's son existed as three versions in one place (Image: )

Dark season 3 ending: What does the final scene reveal?

Cain and Abel were Adam and Eve’s sons. In the Bible, Cain committed the first-ever murder when he killed his brother Abel – so the name would be apt.

The opening scene of season three saw Martha’s son (Jakob Diehl) burning down palatial lair.

However, all three versions of Jonas and Martha’s son were present and helped to incinerate the lavish room, destroying everything inside.

The Unknown seemed to be burning down Adam’s room and stealing the blueprint for the Apparatus as he enacted his mother’s plans to ensure the apocalypse continued to happen.

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