Piers Morgan backed by Supernanny Jo Frost after £9 burger refund claim ...

PIERS MORGAN - a host on Good Morning Britain - has been defended by Supernanny Jo Frost after he told fans he had requested a refund about an "inedible" burger in McDonald's.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 04:30, Wed, Oct 7, 2020

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Jo Frost, 50, supported Piers Morgan’s decision to ask for his money back after he claimed he received a soggy McDonald's burger from delivery service Uber Eats. The Supernanny star wholeheartedly agreed with the GMB host’s right to complain about the food he had paid for, as she also spoke out about a similar experience at a “very famous hotel”.


Drenched in cola and inedible

Piers Morgan

Piers originally retweeted an article about himself which read, 'Millionaire @PiersMorgan defends demanding for a £9 refund after he’s slammed for claiming on soggy burger.'

Next to this, the columnist typed his alternative headline for the story, writing: “OR: Burger produced by company worth $161 billion, & delivered by company worth $100 billion, turned up an hour late, cold, drenched in cola & inedible.”

Jo Frost, who is famous for teaching children manners and discipline on her programme Supernanny, responded with her view on the matter.

She wrote to Piers: “Wht is it with #burgergate I once got 'shamed' bcos a very famous hotel, 3 times, served me a medium rare cooked burger, when I had asked for it too b very very well done.(sic)

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jo frost piers morganJo Frost, 50, supported Piers Morgan’s decision to ask for his money back for a soggy McDonalds (Image: GETTY)

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“It's as if u can't complain about the food u pay for if it's served up wrong. But It's the principle no?”(sic)

Underneath, fans also weighed in on the argument, as many questioned the service provided by food delivery companies.

Another responded: “It doesn't matter what financial situation someone's in, to expect a service which companies claim to provide. And I'm glad @piersmorgan has addressed it, a voice that may be heard... There are too many big money companies not being held accountable for their crap service.”

A third commented: “It doesn't

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