Donald humiliated: 84 percent say US coronavirus response 'POOR' compared ...

DONALD has suffered a new blow as an international poll says most countries think the US' coronavirus response was worse than China's.

PUBLISHED: 01:52, Thu, Oct 8, 2020 | UPDATED: 01:52, Thu, Oct 8, 2020

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A Pew Research Centre poll surveyed 14 countries about views on China, and also asked about countries responses to the coronavirus pandemic. In a surprise turn, the US’ response to the pandemic was viewed as worse than China’s by those surveyed. The US President has overseen the worst cases and deaths from the virus, with 7,542,059 cases and 211,652 deaths as of Wednesday. In contrast, China has reported 90,678 cases and 4,739 deaths from the virus.


The research survey asked people in the UK, US, Australia, Japan and South Korea among other countries whether they thought China had done a bad job handling the coronavirus pandemic.

It showed on average 61 percent of respondents said China had done a bad job dealing with the pandemic, with 37 percent saying it had done a good job.

But the US’ response was viewed as overwhelmingly negative, with nearly all surveyed saying America had done poorly managing COVID-19.

The survey showed a massive 84 percent on average believed the US had done a bad job dealing with the outbreak, and only 15 percent said it has done a good job.

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Donald Trump news: Donald Trump returning to the White HouseDonald news: A Pew Research Centre poll shows Donald 's coronavirus response is seen as worse than China's (Image: PA)

Donald Trump news: Pew Resaerch Centre polling on countries handling of the coronavirus pandemicDonald news: Pew Resaerch Centre polling on countries handling of the coronavirus pandemic (Image: Pew Resaerch Centre)

Another blow for Mr came from a second Pew Research Centre poll when it asked Western European respondents about their faith in world leaders, where the American leader polled below China’s president

In Germany, one of the 14 countries surveyed, 78 percent of respondents said they had no confidence in Mr Xi but 89 percent said the same of Mr .

In Belgium, 22 percent said they have confidence in Mr Xi and only 9 percent said they had confidence in the US President.

Even the UK showed lower confidence in Mr than Mr

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