Iran ‘desperate’ for partnership with China as deal risks leaving Donald ...

IRAN is desperate for a strategic partnership with China following the crippling sanctions imposed on the state by Donald .

PUBLISHED: 16:22, Fri, Oct 9, 2020 | UPDATED: 16:22, Fri, Oct 9, 2020

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With China already having strong links to several countries in the Middle East, Iran has been highlighted as the next state to increase its ties with Beijing. Due to Mr ’s sanctions, the state’s oil production has been crippled forcing the state to look to China for crucial aid and support. In line with its Belt and Road plans, China has been discussing plans for a 25-year relationship and may well be given a share of the state's oil industry.


Such is the potential for a partnership between the two states that US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, warned it could destabilise the Middle East.

An expert wrote in the Economist that any deal shows the “desperation” of the Islamic Republic.

They added: “Rather than a comprehensive road map, the proposal is more a sign of both Iran’s desperation and the limits of China’s ambition.

“China and Iran will probably conclude an agreement within months.

World war 3: Iran and China pushing for agreementWorld war 3: Iran and China pushing for agreement (Image: PA)

Xi JinpingXi Jinping (Image: PA)

“For Iran, it will seem a vital lifeline—particularly if Mr wins a second term.

“For China, though, Iran will remain just one piece on a much larger chessboard.”

Although US sanctions have so far failed to force Iran into agreeing on a new nuclear arms deal, they have slowed the state’s economy.

Last year, Iran’s economy shrank by 7.6 percent, while the year before it contracted by 5.4 percent.

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Donald Trump has pushed for further sanctionsDonald has pushed for further sanctions (Image: PA)

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