#SundayBrunch host Tim Lovejoy details 'living through a horror movie' in ...

TIM LOVEJOY - presenter and Sunday Brunch host - has explained why he feels he has "lived through a horror movie", recalling watching his older brother James die of cancer.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 07:30, Sun, Oct 11, 2020

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Tim Lovejoy, 52, lost his older brother James to pancreatic cancer when he was just 37-years-old. The Sunday Brunch host opened up on his struggles with coming to terms with his death as he said he felt he had "lived through a horror movie", when watching his sibling die of the "fatal disease".


I felt that I lived through a horror movie

Tim Lovejoy

The presenter addressed what the "biggest problem" with cancer is as he spoke out about the "awful" time.

Tim spoke out on what helped him manage his emotions after losing his brother on the latest On the Marie Curie Couch podcast.

"Well, I have to say that I still struggle to watch things on TV which are, I call it, emotional tourism," he began.

"We watch a lot of things on TV that tug at our heartstrings or horror movies or whatever."

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Tim lovejoy sunday brunch brother deadTim Lovejoy details why he felt he lived in a horror film (Image: getty/the best you TV)

Tim Lovejoy Sunday Brunch james cancerTim Lovejoy opens up on rollercoaster of emotions as brother James died from cancer (Image: Getty)

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He continued: "I felt that I lived through a horror movie, watching someone that I loved, my brother, get a fatal disease."

Tim said he and his family saw James' body "give up", which he branded "strange".

"The biggest problem with cancer is the brain, in my brother's case, I suppose in a lot of cases, your brain is still active, it's your body's that has given up," he shared.

"It's a really strange thing. It was just such an awful experience."

Tim Lovejoy sunday brunch simon rimmer picturesTim Lovejoy hosts Sunday Brunch with Simon Rimmer (Image: Getty)

Tim Lovejoy brother cancer emotions angerTim Lovejoy lost his brother James to cancer 16 years ago (Image: Getty)

Tim added that he spoke to his brother openly about the "rollercoaster of horrific emotions" he was

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