Ben Shephard snaps at #TippingPoint star after question blunder: 'Don't you ...

Tipping Point got off to a tough start as Joey struggled with some of the questions and he fell behind in the first round. While Chris and Alex managed to accrue quite a bit of money, Joey only managed to win £100 meaning he was in danger of leaving the competition. However, contestant Alex put Joey’s lack of luck down to host Ben Shephard’s presenting skills leading to an on-air clash.

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“Lana Del Rey, and Ariana Grande recorded a song for the 2019 film version of Charlie’s what?” Ben asked.

Looking puzzled, Joey pondered what the answer could be: “Charlie’s?”

As the buzzer sounded to reveal key’s time was up, Ben asked for an answer.

“Chaaaaa,” Joey sighed as Ben burst into laughter. “It can’t be that can it?”

Ben asked: “Charlie’s Cha?” as Joey continued guessing: “Charlie’s charts? Charlie’s hands?

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Ben Shephard snaps at Tipping Point star after question blunder: 'Don't you start!'Ben Shephard snaps at Tipping Point star after question blunder: 'Don't you start!' (Image: ITV)

Alex Brooker Chris Bisson Joey EssexBen Shephard told Alex to be quiet when he was blamed for confusing Joey (Image: ITV)

Ben Shephard leaves Tipping Point player red-faced with x-rated jibe

“Charlie’s bar? Who’s Charlie?”

Putting Joey out of his misery, Ben declared: “The answer is Charlie’s Angels.”

“Oh!” Joey exclaimed as the host continued: “Have you heard of it?”

“Of course I’ve heard of it,” the contestant hit back with Ben throwing his hands in the air asking: “Then why didn’t you say it?”

Ben ShephardBen Shephard was shocked when Joey Essex struggled with a

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