Does Claire Fraser actress Caitriona Balfe do her own stunts? #Outlander

CAITRIONA BALFE is best known for her portrayal of Claire Fraser, a time traveller flung through the centuries from the 1940s back the 1800s. Claire goes through a lot and often has to deal with violence in the Starz series, but does actress Balfe do her own stunts?

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 00:01, Sun, Oct 11, 2020

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Starz series Outlander is known for being action-packed with its main characters Jamie (played by Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) put in precarious situations. The show has put its characters through the wringer over years. But how much have the acting duo actually done in terms of stunts?

Does Claire Fraser star Caitriona Balfe do her own stunts?

Balfe has previously spoken about how much stunt work she’s allowed to do.

She told Entertainment Weekly in 2017: “Half the time they won’t let me do as much as I want to.”

The Irish actress went on to say: “They end up using stunt doubles for insurance purposes, but I think Sam [Heughan] and I — and Tobias [Menzies] actually — we all like to get physical and we like the challenges of the physical elements of the job.”

She also said in a Twitter Q&A from 2014 about the percentage of stunts she was allowed to: “As much as they will let me do.

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Catriona Balfe as Claire Fraser in OutlanderCatriona Balfe as Claire Fraser in Outlander (Image: SKY)

Caitriona Balfe does some stunts on OutlanderCaitriona Balfe does some stunts on Outlander (Image: STARZ)

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“And then I have an amazing stunt double called Annabelle does the rest.”

Scottish model Kirstin Gribbin previously stood in for Balfe in season three.

Gribbin even shared a snap of herself and another stunt performer for Sam Heughan, who was dressed in a Jamie Fraser costume with the Scotsman’s trademark red hair.

While Balfe doesn’t get to do many scenes in Outlander, partly due to Claire steering away from danger usually, she did get the opportunity some stunts.

During season four, Claire had to jump off the side of a ship as she fled and tried to be

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