BBC ordered to scrap TV licence fee as 'substandard' broadcaster faces furious ...

THE BBC is not worth the £157.50 per year TV-licence fee, according to a poll of readers.

PUBLISHED: 21:06, Sun, Oct 11, 2020 | UPDATED: 21:13, Sun, Oct 11, 2020

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Since April 2020, the annual cost has been £157.50 for a colour licence and £53 for a black and white licence. The fee enables viewers to watch a range of content, including nine national TV channels, more than 40 local and national radio stations as well as programmes online via the BBC iPlayer. The current licence fee model is guaranteed until the end of the current charter on December 31, 2027.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to review the current model amid the rise in popularity and success of subscription services such as .

In August, the debate over the licence fee took off after the BBC controversially pressed ahead with ending free TV-licences for millions of over-75s.

The taxpayer-funded service has also been criticised for its spending after accounts revealed staff salaries had risen by 3.4 percent to £1.5billion this year.

The BBC has also faced questions over its impartiality and accused of being too left-wing in its politics – something the broadcaster denies.

bbc newsThe BBC is not worth the £157.50 licence fee, a poll has found (Image: GETTY)

tv licenceIt costs £157.50 for a colour licence and £53 for a black and white licence (Image: GETTY)

A subsequent poll of more than 15,000 readers has found the overwhelming majority do not think the licence fee is worth the money.

The survey conducted on Sunday October 11 between 10.47am and 8pm asked 15,730 readers, is the BBC worth the £157.60 per year licence fee?

A huge 95 percent (14,957) of people did not think it was worth it and voted no.

Just four percent (648) of respondents thought the BBC was worth the outlay and voted yes.

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