James May snaps at boss in first-look of new Amazon series: ‘I said no!’

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James is bringing a cookery show with a twist to Prime Video as the TV presenter rustles up easy-to-make recipes with the help of home economist Nicky. 

In the trailer, James introduces: “Hello viewers I’m James May and I can’t cook, welcome to my cookery show.

“I learn, you learn and then we are all fed by knowledge.”

The first-look clip showcases James efforts in the kitchen but not all recipes turn out as planned. 

“It’s not burnt it’s just well done,” he says as he plates up a questionable-looking dish. 

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James MayJames May is bringing a cookery show to Amazon Prime (Image: AMAZON PRIME•GETTY)

James MayJames May wasn't impressed with his boss' suggestion (Image: AMAZON PRIME)

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Speaking to the home economist, James says: “All those things you see being cooked on television are actually made by people like Nicky, not celebrity chefs.”

“Celebrity chefs can’t actually cook,” he adds as Nicky chuckles. 

James is then seen looking confused with a board of chopped up onions .

Off-camera, a producer asks: “Can I make a suggestion?”

James MayJames May will be helped by home economist Nicky (Image: AMAZON PRIME )

James MayJames May Oh Cook will be based on James' first cookery book (Image: AMAZON PRIME)

“No,” James hits back

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